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About Olayemi Jewellery


Olayemi Jewellery produces a diverse collection of contemporary jewellery, gathering inspiration from rich African culture, and fashion using materials that are sustainably sourced. All pieces are unisex and handmade by Jessica, a self-taught jeweller from a Sierra Leonean background. Olayemi Jewellery has a range of products from rings, to anklets and necklaces, providing unique and one of a kind jewellery that encourages self-expression that transcends the boundaries set by society. 

About the Designer


Jessica started making jewellery while in sixth form, experimenting with different types of beads and gemstones. She then opened her first Etsy Shop called Roccia Jewellery in 2017 selling beaded bracelets and necklaces. This started off as a hobby, but she wanted to grow her hobby into something more exciting and rewarding. Jessica then decided to test her skills and began metalsmithing in 2020. Olayemi Jewellery was then created in 2022.

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