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Elevate your style with our Unisex Black Matte Onyx and Enamel, Brass Beaded Necklace, a perfect blend of sophistication and timeless appeal.

This versatile piece features a striking combination of smooth, matte black onyx beads and polished brass accents, creating a look that is both modern and classic. The black matte onyx beads exude a sense of mystery and elegance, known for their grounding and protective qualities. The brass beads add a touch of warmth and contrast, meticulously placed to enhance the necklace's visual appeal.

Designed to be worn by anyone, this unisex necklace effortlessly complements any attire, from casual to formal. Whether you're looking to add a touch of refinement to your everyday look or seeking a unique accessory for special occasions, this necklace is a perfect choice. Handcrafted with attention to detail, our Black Matte Onyx and Brass Beaded Necklace is not just an accessory, but a statement of style and individuality.

Hamzah || Black Matte Onyx Necklace

  • Description

    Black Matte Onyx Necklace

    • 18.5-22.5 Inch Black Matte Onyx Necklace
    • Lobster Clasp Finish
    • Chain Extender Included
    • Brass Enamel Bead Detail and Gold Spaer Beads
    • Jewellery Pouch Included

    This item is ready ti ship in 1-3 business days.