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Immerse yourself in the timeless traditions and profound artistry of Africa with our 18ct gold plated Tribal Man Pendant Necklace.

This striking piece features an intricately detailed pendant of a tribal man, capturing the essence and spirit of ancestral wisdom, strength, and cultural heritage. Crafted from raw brass covered in 18ct gold, the pendant showcases fine craftsmanship, with each line and contour reflecting the skilled hands that brought it to life. The pendant hangs gracefully from a sturdy yet elegant chain, making it a perfect centerpiece for any outfit.

This necklace is more than just an accessory; it’s a powerful symbol of connection to the rich and diverse cultures of Africa. Whether worn as a tribute to your heritage, a conversation starter, or a unique piece of art, this Necklace is a beautiful expression of identity and tradition.

Imamu || Man Necklace

  • Description

    Gold Plated Stick Man Pendant Necklace

    • 18ct Gold Plated Chain and Pendant
    • Choose Chain Length
    • Lobster Clasp Finish
    • Jewellery Box Included

    All pieces of jewellery are measured as accurately as possible. Please allow a few millimetres for error.

    As this necklace is made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks processing time.