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About Olayemi Jewellery


Olayemi Jewellery is a London based jewellery company started by Jessica , a self taught jeweller. With a strong passion for jewellery and art, she decided to put her skills to use and sell her own jewllery. She first started with  brand called Roccia Jewellery, but has now decided to rebrand.  All the peices you see on this site have been designed and made by Jessica by hand.

Jessica started making jewellery while in sixth form, experimenting with different types of beads and gemstones. She then opened an Etsy Shop called Roccia Jewellery in 2017 selling beaded bracelets and necklaces. This started off as a hobby, but she wanted to grow her hobby into something more exciting and rewarding. Jessica deicded to learn to make jewellery by hand,  jewellery pieces inspired by African culture.  As a young second generation Sierra Leonean, she realised that there were not many shops that catered to young second generation Africans living in Western society and she wanted something that celebrates African culture, but with a more modern edge. That is why she decided to rebrand and launch her own website, turning Olayemi Jewellery into what you see today!  

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